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1/118 Hobart Road, Kings Meadows, TAS 7249

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What we do

Here at Young at Heart, we strive to offer the utmost quality and satisfaction for our products. We have a highly motivated ethos to deliver fantastic customer service and quality women's clothing. You won't leave disappointed.

Who we cater for

Our fashion and clothing range is most suitable for women aged 35 and over.


Our motto is: "It's never too late to look great!" and we stick by it. You are never too old to wear fashion comfortably or look good!

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 2 PM

Sunday - Closed

Who we are

Andrea Webb: Owner and Visionary

Blake Janssen: Technology Manager

Jillian - http://www.rosschristie.com.au/

Jump -  https://www.jumpclothing.com.au/

Slade - https://sladeboutique.com/

Fitflops - https://fitflop.com.au


Vassalli - https://vassalli.co.nz/

Fields - https://www.fields.com.au/

Corfu - https://www.corfujeans.com.au/